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Join The Church

How Do I Join?

1. Candidate for Baptism:

You believe in God and that Jesus is His son who died for  our sins and rose again and you are willing to be baptized.

2. Christian Experience:

You have been previously baptized 

and wish to join our church family.

3. By Letter:

You are currently a member in good standing at another church and you wish 

to transfer your membership.

4. Restoration:

You were a member here

and have been away

(for whatever the reason)

and you wish to return.

5. Watch Care:

You are a member  of 

another church 

and want to be covered 

while you are away

From our home church area.

If you are interested in joining our church, please feel free to fill out the form attached to the button below and turn it in physically to the church or send your information to Pastor Jones personally at:



Welcome Welcomes You!

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