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Welcome has a lot of ministries and groups that meet on a daily basis. Nearly all of the activities take place at the church. These monthly calendars and upcoming events are provided for you to keep and plan your schedule so that you can attend the activities you’re interested in.

Small Business Bootcamp - JUNE, JULY
Welcome Baptist Church Zoo Trip
Small Business Bootcamp - AUGUST
Small Business Bootcamp - OCTOBER
What's Happening At WMBC!

Our church is opening and safety measure will be in place! Our youth are ready to return to church! Parents, Let's meet, plan, and discuss what's next. Pastor has planned a parent meeting to discuss Youth church. Pleas, join us in welcoming back our youth!

Sunday School Schedule & Lessons

Please note each 1st Sunday will be in-person and ZOOM Sunday School Sessions, times are as follows: In-person immediately following 8:30 AM Service and Zoom at 12:00 Noon, on 2nd , 3rd and 4th Sunday’s classes will remain on Zoom at 11:00 AM. Click the image to view the lessons for November & December.


THE CHURCH LOGO: We are proud of Welcome’s logo and encourage each ministry to use it. The Cross symbolizes Christ’ Triumph. The Bible – God’s Word. The Dove – The Holy Spirit. The Praying Hands –Constant, Continuing Prayer. We are strengthened by His word, empowered by His Holy Spirit, triumphant by Christ’ victory and transformed by our prayers. THAT’S OUR LOGO!

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