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Welcome has more than 60 different ministries for you to serve in. Review the list of the available ministries to see if there is one you feel moved to join. You can contact the office with questions about any of the listed ministries.

2024 Ministry Officers:

Academic and Education Ministry:

Linda Ware Smith

Tanesha Taylor

Erica Chappell 


Derinda Shaw – Office Manager|Clerk

Odessa McClellon  

Ann Porterfield - Assistant Office Manager

Announcement Ministry:

DeAon Akemon    

Nicole Broome

Salina Spears

Andria Hodges

Verna Carthane

Sharon El-Shabazz   

Linda Becks

Vivian Williams  

Derinda Shaw - Lead 

Tanoa Ford

Athletic Ministry:

 Tarlton Smalls

Rawl Marshall

Black History Ministry:

Linda Hamlet- President

Katheryn Armstrong

Gloria Ford 

Bookstore Ministry:

Tanoa Ford

Andrea Williams

Deaconess Shirley Cleary

Deaconess Chifonda Ellsworth

Cancer Support Health Ministry Team Outreach:

Carolyn Price

Tamara Myles

Cynthia Howard

Christian Education:

Deacon Clayton Pirtle – President

Steven Drake - Vice President 

Deacon Stanley Gay

Deacon Deon Metoyer 

Deacon Frank Smith

Church Custodial Maintenance: 

Deacon Willie Shaw - Director

Emerick Boykins Jr. - Grounds  

LaToya Croft - Lead

J.C. Madden

Tomas Moreno

Dwight Chappell

Civic Committee Ministry:

Vernita Duvall - President

Odessa McClellon

Barbara Harris

Lakita Sims - Vice President 

Debra Harris

Deacons Ministry:

Howard Cobb-Chairman-EMT

Earnest Cleary - Co-Chairman-EMT

Deaconess Ministry:

Deaconess Nevell Pirtle - President 

Deaconess Earnestine Bush - Vice President

Domestic Violence Ministry:

DeAon Akemon - President 


Electrician /HVC:

Cleodus Love

Golf Ministry:

Linda Ware Smith - President 

Melvin Lee - Vice President

Woody Williams 

Grandparents Ministry:

Bertha Stephens 

Phyllis Taylor 

Greeters Ministry:

Dell Jones - President 

Health Ministry:

Dorothy Herron - Co-Leaders

Earlene Dowell - Co-Leaders 

Kitchen Ministry:

Estelle Butler - Chair

Ruth Ramsey - Co-Chair

Gloria Hodge - Co-Chair 

Akua Watkins - Co-Chair

Tempye Byrd - Co-Chair

Zula Hunt

Legal Honorable:

Ronda Fowlkes Gross

Summer Parker

Darryl Seager

Tracey Richards

Willing Workers:

Dianne Frazier - President 

Queenie Jones - Vice President 


Women’s Bible Fellowship:

Sister to Sister - Tanoa Ford


Women’s Day:

Chiffonda Ellsworth 

Linda Becks

Marriage Ministry:

Deacon Ernest Cleary

Deaconess Shirley Cleary

Men’s Day:

Kenneth Bush 

Richard Ellsworth  

Akua Watkins

Reggie Dixon

Anthony Shelton

Mission Ministry:

Bessie Davis - President

 Cornelia Crooks - 1st Vice President

Dr. Lawrence Woods - Teacher

Deacon Ernest Cleary - Teacher

Mothers Ministry:

Delphine Allums  - President 

Music & Arts Ministry:

Sean Ginyard    

Corey Rodgers 

Michelle Johnson – Director of Music

Demetrius Herrell

Clarence Johnson

Brian Burnett


Combined Choir:

Carolyn Jennings

Monica Lamb

Phyllis Taylor

Shelia Sullivan



Altronyse Cunningham - President

Rejoice Dancers:

Summer Parker

Georgina Thompson

Lashaun Green

Tanesha Taylor

Steppers Ministry:

LaShan Green - Leader 

Summer Parker


Mime Ministries:


Young Men Making A Difference:

John Rentie

George Muskevalley

Dwight Chappell

Brien Becks

Min. Akua Watkins


Youth Ministry:

Violet Swazer

Betty Harper


Brad Townsend 

Karra Townsend 

Nurses Ministry:

Deborah Bilbo - President 

Earl King - 2nd Vice President 

Mildred Simpson -1st Vice President

Norma Carter - Secretary 

Brenda Montgomery - Treasurer 

Marilyn Jewell - Chaplin 

Outreach Ministry:

Marilyn Jewel - Clothes

Hellen Guthery 

Pastor’s Care Ministry:

Ann Porterfield - President 

Deacon Howard Cobb - Vice President

Donna Cobb - Program

Lisa Menard - Secretary

Dorothy Herron - Treasurer 


Rev. James Hill

Min. Akua Watkins

Dwight Chappell

Bro. Roosevelt Campbell


Security Ministry:

Willie Ramsey - President 

Robert Carter – Vice President


Sunday School Ministry:

Deacon Clayton Pirtle - Superintendent

Steven Drake – Vice Superintendent

Deacon Frank Smith

Tape and Audio|Video:

Kevin Fowlkes - Co-Chair

Joshua Turner   

Xavier Myles 

Dr. Lawrence Woods - Co-Chair

Dequan Dean 

Aisha Ellis

Transportation Ministry:

Minister Akua Watkins

Earl King


Trustee Ministry:

Kelley Drake - Chairman

Sharea Chappelle - Vice Chair

Ushers Ministry:

Nicole Davis - President 

Dwayne Barrett - 1st Vice President 


Web Site Ministry:

Asia King - Splash of Design


Wedding Ministry:

Ann Porterfield – President

Derinda Shaw - Vice President

Tamara Myles

Lou Hawkins

Gloria Rodgers

Perrean Dexter


WMBC Wolverine State Officers for 2023:

Deaconess Doris Tony - Chairperson of State Deaconess Wives & Widows

Deaconess Shirley Cleary - Co-Chairperson of State Deaconess Wives & Widows

Sister Deborah Bilbo -  Co-Chairperson of State Nurses & Ushers

Sister Lynetta Walker - Treasurer of Nurses

Perrean Dexter


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